Kelce, Mahomes Caught On Camera Bullying Ravens Kicker During Pregame


Hailey Gomez General Assignment Reporter
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Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes and tight end Travis Kelce were caught bullying Baltimore Ravens kicker Justin Tucker during pregame warm ups, video footage showed. 

Two videos posted on X (formerly known as Twitter) circulated Sunday, showing both Kansas City Chiefs players throwing Tuckers equipment on two separate occasions. The first video posted online by NFL correspondent James Palmer, showed Kelce tossing two of Tucker’s footballs and his helmet across the end zone as the Raven’s kicker could be seen stretching on the side. 

Palmer stated in his post that Kelce allegedly told Tucker “he needed to move because” Mahomes “had to warm up.” (RELATED: ‘I Was Blackout Drunk’: Beer-Chugging NFL Legend Jason Kelce Explains How His Wife Felt With Taylor Swift There)

A second video was posted by Barstool Sports which showed Mahomes tossing more of Tucker’s kicking equipment aside as the Ravens kicker’s back was turned. Tucker could be seen turning around unaware that Mahomes had tossed his gear, before noticing it off camera. 

Mahomes had repeatedly continued to toss aside Tucker’s gear as the two kept “going at it” during the pregame, according to James Palmer.

While the feud between the three carried on, it is unclear why Tucker appeared to be on the Chiefs side during the pregame warm ups in the first place.

Sports writer Al Scott noted the unusual move from Tucker stating, “There’s absolutely zero reason Tucker needed to do his stretches right there. I’m not sure why people are acting like he’s a victim.”