Anthony Anderson Says ‘Movie Set Fight Gone Wrong’ Sent Him To ER

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Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Famous actor Anthony Anderson was rushed to the hospital after suffering an injury on the set of his new movie, “G20.”

Anderson shared details about the incident to his Instagram page, by posting an image that showed him lying in an ambulance alongside a detailed caption, Thursday. “I spent the night in the emergency room. Movie set fight gone wrong,” Anderson told his 1.8 million followers. He went on to explain that he suffered an injury while filming a stunt.


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Anderson described what led to him being rushed to the emergency room.

“Me against two goons and a chair! Guess who didn’t win!” he wrote.

He went on to jokingly propose a slight change in how he will approach certain acting scenes in the future.

“Who needs a stuntman? Me that’s who! I’m not as young as I used to be!” the famous actor wrote.

The actor was checked out by medical staff and it was determined that his injuries were not as bad as suspected, although it was clear he did have a wound that required some attention.

“CT scan and X-rays showed nothing fractured or broken in my back just a deep contusion.”

Anderson told fans he was whacked by a chair during filming.


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“That chair will never be the same though! Bloodied and bowed but never broken! #RQQ #G20 #setlife #moviefights #justakidfromcompton #huskyandhandsome #bidzaddy #acbarbeque,” the famous actor wrote to his social media page.

He also shared an image of the culprit — the chair that caused the medical mishap.

“This is the chair that whooped my ass last night! Something about it is menacing! It sucker punched me in the kidneys and back with no mercy!” Anderson wrote.

“When I got on set today it was grinning at me! Little does he know I got something for that ass! He gone learn today! #justakidfromcompton #huskyandhandsome #bigzaddy #acbarbeque,” he quipped. (RELATED: Mia Goth Sued For Allegedly Kicking Movie Extra In The Head On Purpose: REPORT)

Anderson’s upcoming action thriller, “G20” is based around terrorists that take over the G20 summit. The release date for the action thriller has not yet been announced.