Normal People Having Ideas Is The Biggest Threat To Global Security, Concludes Cartoonish Bond Villains At Davos

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Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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The World Economic Forum (WEF) released their annual Global Risks Report 2024 in January, and boy, is it a big one.

All of the usual suspects are there in this year’s globalist “insights” from the likes of Klaus Schwab, George Soros and a host of other cartoonish Bond villains who decide your fate. War, climate change, the threat of new technologies; they’re all there. But half way down the second paragraph, you’ll find what WEF is really scared of as we head into 2024: “misinformation and disinformation.”

Defined in the context of WEF’s progressive globalist bias, “misinformation and disinformation” are euphemisms used to describe subjects the establishment has deemed verboten. Or in other words, free discourse that doesn’t threaten anyone but those vying for totalitarian rule of the world’s population.

At the core of their concern lies the main medium used to share ideas in the 21st century. WEF writes, “‘misinformation and disinformation’ was recategorized from a societal to a technological risk.” This is then sub-defined as: “Persistent false information (deliberate or otherwise) widely spread through media networks, shifting public opinion in a significant way towards distrust in facts and authority. Includes, but is not limited to: false, imposter, manipulated and fabricated content.”

In layman’s terms, WEF is coming for your ideas, and they’re going to hunt you down online. If they don’t like what you think, it’s not just a problem for them. It’s their biggest problem.

The only ways to combat their problem with our free speech are almost too scary to discuss. Maybe you’ll end up like one British police officer who was convicted of making a joke in a private group chat. Social media channels already censor users who post things they don’t like. News censorship in Canada was said to be endangering wildfire evacuees in 2023, so what other catastrophes will be covered up?

The mind goes to “The Gulag Archipelago,” but perhaps with a more modern twist on the Soviet prison camps. If you share one too many memes about Bill Gates and Jeffrey Epstein, a white van might pull up outside your house, and disappear you into the night. Eventually we won’t be able to visit with our neighbors without fear of speaking out of turn.

Every like, every video you watch, everything you do online will be monitored. And if you’re engaging where they don’t want you. They’ll get you.

Ironically, WEF believes “censorship and the erosion of free speech” is almost as big of a threat as disruptions to the food supply chain. And yet it’s the people who make up their annual summit in Davos who are responsible for normalizing the censorship of free speech, both online and off.

Comics are already being censored here in the U.S. I don’t know how far this “misinformation and disinformation” thing will go, but I bet they put more effort into that than into solving any of the real problems facing this world. (RELATED: Microchipping Your Child? ‘There Are Solid Rational Reasons For It,’ Say Supreme Overlords Of The WEF)

I pray I’ll be able to keep writing for you in the future (I’m not suicidal). I pray all of us are allowed to keep sharing ideas through technological platforms. You’d think sharing information about things like: George Soros defending Hamas in 2007, how fewer people are dying from extreme weather, or revealing that Davos attendees are reportedly really into escorts are the least threatening things on this black hole we call the Internet. I can think of a few things, far more dangerous and evil that proliferate through this platform. Funny how these elites don’t seem to be that bothered by them.

To put in perspective, WEF mentioned “misinformation and disinformation” 64 times throughout the whole report. Only four times did WEF mention “human trafficking.”

Oh, and at no time did anyone on the planet vote for these people to have this type of control.