Ref Ejects College Basketball Player For Absolutely Clocking Opponent In The Face, Video Appears To Show


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Referees ejected New Mexico State basketball player Robert Carpenter after he appeared to punch an opponent in the face during a game Thursday night, according to a video.

While battling for rebounding position, Carpenter appeared to cold cock Liberty forward Shiloh Robinson, the video posted on Twitter by The Comeback showed. Robinson collapsed to the ground and had to be attended to by medical staff.

He was eventually helped off the court by trainers and would not return to the game, OutKick reported.

Carpenter received a technical foul and was ejected, according to ESPN. The troubled big man is on his fourth school in five years, according to his New Mexico State player profile. The junior forward began his college career at St. Bonaventure’s before bouncing around to Pearl River Community College in Mississippi and then Mississippi Valley State before ultimately landing in Las Cruces. (RELATED: This Idiot’s Gonna Ruin It For Us: Shirtless Court-Storming Tulane Fan Pushes Memphis’ David Jones During Celebration)

It’s no wonder the guy can’t hold down a spot on one team with bullshit like this. There is zero situation in which this is acceptable behavior. I play competitive sports. I know things can get chippy. A little tussling for position, shoving, shoulder checking, that’s all above board. But sucker punching? That’s weak sauce, boss.

After the game, New Mexico State’s head coach Jason Hooten apologized to Liberty’s coach and to Robinson for Carpenter’s flagrancy. “Even if there was something that, you know, put Rob in that state of mind to do what he did is still not acceptable,” Hooten told reporters.

It’s a shame because Carpenter actually seems pretty talented. He led Mississippi Valley in scoring during his time there. The kid can play. Unfortunately for him, though, it appears the only school he can stick at is the Draymond Green University Of Blatant And Unnecessary Violence.