‘I Just Won My First Grammy!’: Miley Cyrus Deftly Celebrates Her Win While Performing


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Miley Cyrus celebrated her first Grammy win Sunday while performing “Flowers” on the Crypto Arena live stage in Los Angeles.

Moments before her performance, Cyrus was called to the stage by Mariah Carey, to accept her award in the Best Pop Solo Performance category. Cyrus did not have much time to soak in the moment before she performed that very song for the crowd so she crafted a little celebration for herself in the middle of her set. The famous singer switched up her lyrics and shouted, “I just won my first Grammy!” and threw her hands in the air.

The audience had taken to their feet the moment Cyrus hit the stage. The standing ovation, which lasted for the entire duration of her song, turned into rumbling cheers as she adorably altered her lyrics with pride over her win. (RELATED: Trevor Noah Jumps On The Taylor Swift Bandwagon In Grammy Monologue)

Cyrus wasn’t the only one smitten by her win. Taylor Swift, who she had beaten in that category, also couldn’t help but smile and show her support. Swift raised her glass in the air and danced excitedly as she showed her support for Cyrus.