Arizona Grandfather Dies After Firefighters Allegedly Drop Him Down The Stairs: REPORT

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Mariane Angela Contributor
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An Arizona grandfather passed away following complications that resulted after an alleged mishap by firefighters Jan. 5, KPNX reported.

Ronald Shuck, 76, died after firefighters allegedly dropped him down the stairs, his family claims, according to KPNX. The alleged incident reportedly unfolded at a local RV resort in Arizona when Shuck, who was battling diabetes-related leg weakness, found himself unable to stand. In a bid for help, Shuck and his wife reached out to the Phoenix Fire Department and hoped for safe assistance in moving him, the outlet reported.

Firefighters responded to the call and attempted to transport Shuck to the hospital for further evaluation, KPNX reported. They allegedly opted to use a plastic rolling chair from within the home, the family claims, according to the outlet.

Ryan Shuck, Ronald’s son, reportedly expressed his disbelief and sorrow over the firefighters’ alleged method. “What they came up with was on that roller chair,” he told KPNX. “He’s not a small person so I don’t understand why they would choose to do that.” (RELATED:Elderly Man Accidentally Sets Himself On Fire Trying To Open Bag Of Chips With Lighter, Officials Say: REPORT)

Ronald allegedly fell from the chair, according to KPNX. He said he suffered pain in the neck, the outlet reported. In the weeks that followed the alleged fall, the Shuck family reportedly watched as Ronald became progressively more incapacitated.

“And then he could no longer move or talk, or eat or drink,” Ryan stated, according to KPNX. He reportedly recounted the pain of witnessing his father’s final moments. Ronald died Jan. 23, the outlet reported.

“Still feels like a nightmare, and I haven’t cried since he passed because I didn’t want to think that it is real, but it obviously is,” Ryan added, according to KPNX. “It’s still not easy to lose him when you think he is going to be there.”

The Phoenix Fire Department stated they are carrying out an investigation and refused to comment further on the alleged incident, the outlet reported. Ryan reportedly revealed that while his family continues to mourn, they are considering legal action. “Someone should suffer the consequences for what they did,” he continued, according to KPNX.