All Hell Breaks Loose As Famous Comedians Crash CJ Stroud Interview To Chug Tequila And Do Push-Ups


Robert McGreevy Contributor
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Famous comedians Tom Segura and Bert Kreischer crashed Houston Texans quarterback C.J. Stroud’s Friday interview with Pat McAfee and pure chaos ensued.

The comedy duo burst into McAfee’s radio row studio while Stroud, fresh off winning the NFL’s Offensive Rookie of the Year award, looked on in mild amusement.

McAfee hilariously introduced the pair to Stroud, saying “these are two funny whites.”

Stroud rolled with the punches well, jokingly promoting his sponsored C4 energy drinks while Kreischer insisted that the QB have some tequila.

Stroud declined, claiming he does not drink.

Segura then offered McAfee a recovery drink. When McAfee asked what’s in it he replied “we take migrants’ blood and bone marrow at the border.”

That is a hilariously inappropriate joke to tell while standing right next to one of the next big faces of the NFL’s brand, and I loved every second of it.

Stroud shook it off and took the opportunity to pivot to promotion, starting a “C4, C4” chant to drown out the off-color comedy going on behind him.

Kreischer then decided to coax McAfee’s co-hosts, including former NFL stud linebacker A.J. Hawk, into taking shots of tequila with him.

Kreischer, a comedian famous for taking his shirt off and drinking heavily, then proceeded to de-robe and challenge himself to a push-up competition.

“How many push-ups do you think I could do right now?” Kreischer asked.

“I got a good three and a half,” Stroud replied.

McAfee asked what a proper over under would be and Kreischer said 40. He then dropped down and did some variation of push-ups, though Stroud pointed out “you gotta lock out. These aren’t push-ups.” (RELATED: Former Vikings Head Coach Mike Zimmer Reportedly Rejoining Cowboys In Heartwarming Full Circle Moment)

Kreischer did, however, bang out over 40 of whatever half-ass push-up variation he attempted.


Tom Segura and Bert Kreischer crashed Pat McAfee’s interview of C.J. Stroud. Kreischer proceeded to do push-ups on-set. [Screenshot/PublicTwitter/@PatMcAfeeShow]

Afterwards Segura apologized to Stroud while laughing, saying “Sorry for ruining your segment, C.J. Great to meet you. C4 for life.”

Stroud laughed about the encounter and criticized Kreischer’s form.

“Man he didn’t do any. He’s not even extending. You know, at the combine they make you press out. That don’t count,” the NFL player said.

The encounter was all in good fun and certainly made me laugh, especially the part about the blood of migrants. Roger Goodell is probably sick to his stomach hearing about that one.