NFL’s Quest For World Dominance Takes Football To Spain, One Of Earth’s Most Beautiful Countries

Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images

Robert McGreevy Contributor
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The NFL announced plans to add another city to its arsenal of international venues as Commissioner Roger Goodell said Friday they will play a 2025 game in Madrid, Spain.

“Playing a game in Madrid in 2025 highlights the continued expansion of the league’s global footprint and the accelerated ambitions to take our game to more fans around the world,” Goodell told reporters, according to NFL.com.

The announcement comes just days after the league said the Philadelphia Eagles will be playing their first game of the 2024 regular season in Brazil.

With Brazil and Spain, the league expands to its fourth and fifth international countries, adding to Mexico, the United Kingdom and Germany. (RELATED: Former Texans Head Coach Reportedly Takes Boston College Job A Month After Accepting Ohio State Position)

The international conquest is emblematic of the league’s worldwide takeover. The game will be played in Real Madrid’s stadium, as the league attempts to compete with soccer’s international appeal.

I’m pumped that we’re bringing one of our greatest cultural exports to foreign shores. It’s about time we let other countries in on the greatness that is NFL football. Once these Europeans and South Americans embrace the world’s greatest game, it won’t be long until they accept the myriad other elements of American culture that the world is sorely lacking.

First, it’s football, then free speech, then we’ll get them guns and finally a decent lager.

I might have to take a trip out to see this game. Spain is freaking beautiful.

It’s always been on my bucket list. And what better time to go than when the greatest game on Earth finds its way over?