Super Bowl Streaker Gets Instantly Mobbed By Security


Robert McGreevy Contributor
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A Super Bowl streaker got absolutely mobbed by security in Las Vegas halfway through the third quarter of Sunday’s Super Bowl LVIII.

Multiple fan videos show this ballsy bastard running around behind the Chiefs 20-yard-line before finally sliding like a quarterback who just got a first down and promptly getting tackled by security personnel.

Further security folks pile on to the shirtless moron, creating an eight man scrum on top of him to secure and seemingly handcuff him.

Four of them then quickly drag him off to the tunnel, ending his brief tenure as the most exciting spectacle in a pretty boring game.

I mean, dude is obviously a moron, but this takes an incredible amount of balls. Or brown liquor. Probably both. (RELATED: ‘Keep Me In!’: Travis Kelce Erupts At His Coach Andy Reid After Costly Chiefs Fumble)

The guy is probably facing thousands of dollars in fines and a lifetime ban from all future NFL games. All for a 15-second stint as that naked dude in Vegas. Hope it was worth it!

It is fascinating to think about what type of person tries this kind of shit. You’re either wealthy enough or lucky enough to secure tickets to the most expensive Super Bowl ever, but still dumb enough to run onto the field shirtless. It’s a fascinating dichotomy that sees him sit in the center of a very small Venn Diagram.