Zach Johnson, BIlly Horschel Verbally Brawl It Out With Fans At WM Phoenix Open

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Oh man! It was on at the WM Phoenix Open!

When it comes to the Waste Management (WM) Phoenix Open, one of the best parts of the tournament is the amount of fans who turn up, and on top of that, they’re loud — REALLY loud. Overall, most golfers seem to be fans of the vibe, but U.S. Ryder Cup captain Zach Johnson and PGA‘er Billy Horschel, they’re not.

When it comes to most venues in the PGA Tour, fans are usually quiet. Yeah, you get the normal cheers from when somebody hits an awesome shot, but nobody does what TPC Scottsdale does. Players are subject to a lot of heckling, and if they don’t hit the green on the legendary 16th hole, they get booed. (RELATED: Woman Placed In Hospital After Falling From Stands During Waste Management Open: REPORT)

But it’s more than just that … you also have fans who surround the tee box and back-9, and with alcohol being a big deal at the tournament, things tend to get out of control. Hell, the WM Phoenix Open even had to nix alcohol sales Saturday due to unruliness.

Prior to the nix, some fans were chirpin’ at Zach Johnson, who is still under some heat because of his Ryder Cup decisions that resulted in a United States loss — some Americans clearly still aren’t happy about it. And well, after Johnson hit a bad tee shot, he finally spazzed out in frustration towards hecklers. He was reportedly unfriendly to fans beforehand.

But Zach Johnson wasn’t the only one getting into it with fans, so was Billy Horschel, who absolutely blasted off at fans who wouldn’t stop talking when players were taking their shots.

Interestingly enough, he had nothing to say during his own swing, instead getting defensive over his partner Nicolo Galletti.

“Buddy, when he’s over his shot shut the hell up,” Horschel went off. “He’s trying to hit a damn golf shot here, it’s our f*cking job.”

The WM Phoenix Open … truly one of the greatest events on the PGA Tour.