Brawl Erupts Between Fans At Waste Management Phoenix Open

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Holy hell, I need to go to the WM Phoenix Open one year.

When it comes to the Waste Management Phoenix Open, the tournament has quite the reputation in terms of wild fans, and the 2024 edition has been no exception. Just take this brawl, for example, that broke out between fans. And with the amount of heavy drinking at the WM, I think it’s safe to assume that alcohol was most likely involved. (RELATED: Zach Johnson, BIlly Horschel Verbally Brawl It Out With Fans At WM Phoenix Open)

It’s not clear why the brawl got sparked up, per usual, but it appears that three people were involved in a scuffle, with the one in the red coat being the aggressor (you can tell the guy in the white didn’t really wanna fight). And as soon as the red coat guy threw a punch, the other dude’s friend (in the black) pulled him down, which then transitioned into a ground brawl between them.

It was a scene to cap off what’s been an absolutely crazy weekend at the Waste Management Phoenix Open, and one that has me wanting to go — God, I can just imagine the fun you can have at this event.


Oh, and we also had this happen during the tournament:

The beautiful thing about all of the craziness at the Waste Management Phoenix Open is that the organizers actually encourage wild behavior, and after being introduced to it with flying colors this year, I need to go.

This ish is too legendary.