Major Cities Wake Up To Beautifully Chaotic Scenes Amid Extreme Weather


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Beautiful chaos descended up in the northeast Tuesday into Wednesday morning as a major Nor’easter blew through the region.

New York City looked like an absolute winter wonderland as thick flurries of crystal white snow coated the landscape, as seen in a video montage shared by AccuWeather.

Aside from the beauty, almost 140,000 people woke up without power in Pennsylvania, according to AccuWeather’s Bill Wadell. Heavy, wet snow managed to crush trees, which in turn collapsed onto powerlines in Laurys Station, north of Allentown, he noted.

The cold weather is expected to last through the night, but an early morning melting temperature means some slushy and damp spots could refreeze throughout the night. Chaos commenced on the roads around Allentown late on Tuesday night, with snow sticking to everything, even windshield wipers and mirrors.

Snow was falling as far south as Nashville, Tennessee. Tourists were apparently “amazed by the ‘snow globe’ effect” in the city’s downtown area, AccuWeather noted, and it’s easy to see why. (RELATED: Videos Show Ice Engulfing Huge Swaths Of America, And The Amish Saving The Day)

Wind chills throughout New England are expected to be in the teens and 20s, according to the National Weather Service. But temperatures are only just below normal for this time of year. Residents should check all weather forecasts before heading out, and should probably avoid travel if they can.