‘Beer Can Island’ Is On Sale For $14 Million. Who’s Chipping In With Me?

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A party island affectionately known as “Beer Can Island” in Tampa Bay, Florida, is going on sale for $14 million, according to News Nation, and I want me a piece.

The nine-acre island in Florida‘s Hillsborough Bay was a popular anchor spot for local boaters until a group of friends banded together to purchase it in 2018, according to News Nation.

The friends installed a number of party-themed amenities including an inflatable slide and a bar, obviously. Can’t have a Beer Can Island without a bar.

Of course, seeing that the common man was having a little fun, the fun police (i.e. the government) decided to get involved. Local authorities apparently ordered the owners to shut the bar down, News Nation reported.

The red tape may have been part of the reason that the owners decided to sell it.

“This opportunity is exceedingly rare, as Pine Key [the island’s official name] is one of the only privately owned islands in Tampa Bay,” Cole Weaver, majority owner of Pine Key, said, according to News Nation. “We’re grateful for the outpouring of support we have received from the community and our members over the years, but all good things must come to an end at some point, and for us, that time is now.”

Alright who’s with me? Local regulations be damned, this sounds like the perfect place to have a party. No DUI’s (just pass out on the beach) and far enough from anything that you can’t get any noise complaints. I would never sell this place if I got my hands on it. (RELATED: Wife Material: Reality Show Star Flawlessly Executes Beer Shotgun And I Think I’m In Love)

The owners are apparently touting it as a potential corporate retreat spot for big companies, but screw that. This place should be reserved for Coors Lights with the boys and Jimmy Buffet music exclusively. Corporations can take their Bud Light bashes somewhere else.

If any potential investors are interested in going in with me on the $14.2 million price tag, please shoot me an e-mail.