Suit Accuses Priscilla Presley Of Breach Of Contract By Her Former Business Partners

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Mariane Angela Contributor
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Priscilla Presley faces a lawsuit that claims she illegally turned her back on the company that helped her, The Daily Beast reported Wednesday.

Presley finds herself at the center of a legal dispute with a firm claiming exclusive rights to her persona, according to The Daily Beast. Priscilla Presley Partners (PPP), spearheaded by Brigitte Kruse and Kevin Fialko, alleges it played a pivotal role in facilitating the A24 film adaptation of Presley’s memoir and resolving an estate disagreement over the will of her late daughter Lisa Marie. PPP is now seeking legal recourse to uphold its claimed entitlements.

The dispute hinges on accusations of a breached contract by Presley, the outlet stated. The crux of the matter involves Presley’s alleged backtracking on an agreement to collaborate with Keya Morgan, a figure previously embroiled in legal troubles concerning elder abuse allegations against comic book icon Stan Lee.

The lawsuit also revealed that Presley was excluded from Elvis Presley’s estate. She just leveraged her fame for financial survival. By 2022, she faced significant financial challenges, prompting her to enlist the assistance of Kruse and later Kevin Fialko for full-time support, The Daily Beast reported. Despite their efforts, they discovered Priscilla’s financial situation was more dire than anticipated, with imminent insolvency and substantial tax debts. (RELATED:Priscilla Presley Gives Emotional Response To Biopic About Relationship With Elvis)

A Florida judge has slated an evidentiary hearing to determine the lawsuit’s validity within the state’s jurisdiction. In defense, Marty Singer, Presley’s legal representative, has refuted the lawsuit’s claims,  “My client made significant claims against PPP and its principals Brigitte Kruse and Kevin Fialko for misappropriating hundreds of thousands of dollars long before this specious lawsuit was filed,” Singer said in a statement, The Hollywood Reporter (THR) reported.

The contention also extends to allegations of Kruse attempting a self-serving sale of Presley’s residence, a move she defended as being in line with her duties as a co-trustee of Presley’s trust. This dispute sheds light on the intricate web of Presley’s financial and legal affairs, which reveals the alleged mismanagement and contractual disputes, according to THR.