Dramatic Video Shows Moment Off-Duty Cops Tackle Purported Knife-Wielding Attacker

YouTube/Screenshot/The Independent

Dana Abizaid Contributor
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Surveillance video captured the moment off-duty police officers in London rushed into action in July to tackle a suspect who had attacked a man, according to the Daily Mail.

The “heroic” cops were enjoying a drink before they bolted into action to stop Joseph Jimenez, 20, from allegedly slashing a man with a large knife who was on the ground after a blow to the head, according to the Daily Mail.

The officers from the Gangs & Pro-Active Team of the London Police noticed the altercation from a bar in nearby Elephant Park before they ran toward the attacker, the Daily Mail reported. (RELATED: Epic Video Shows Alleged Knife-Wielding Idiot Getting Blasted In the ‘Chesticles’ By A Security Guard)

The video appears to show Jimenez throwing the knife at the officers as they approached him. One of the cops then tackled Jimenez.

Officers provided first aid to the victim, and he was taken to the hospital for treatment, the Daily Mail reported.

The off-duty officers “were without any form of protective equipment such as batons or PAVA spray, or a police radio,” Detective Inspector Jon Summers said. “Still they intervened, working tactically together in coordinating their approach to close off the suspect’s possible escape route, and swiftly arrested him”

Jimenez had little choice but to plead guilty as police recovered CCTV, and witness accounts revealed he was the attacker, according to the Daily Mail.

A judge sentenced Jimenez to eight months in prison for possession of a bladed article and another four months for affray, the outlet reported.

“The heroism shown by these officers is nothing short of exceptional,” Summers added. “They placed themselves at real risk of serious injury in order to prevent serious harm and to apprehend an offender.”