Jay McInerney Describes Waking Up In Pool Of Blood Before Undergoing Two-Hour Emergency Brain Surgery

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Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Famous author and screenwriter Jay McInerney said he blacked out and woke up in a pool of blood that led to major brain surgery.

The “Town & Country” wine critic detailed the horrific moment he realized something was terribly wrong. He said the incident occurred on the night of Dec. 20, when he was alone at his Manhattan apartment. He said he had a dizzy spell and fell down, unknowingly injuring himself in the process, according to Page Six.  He said he woke up to find “blood all over the bedroom, the bathroom, the hallway, the bed and the pillow.”

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McInerney maintained his comedic spirit as he explained the series of events that unfolded.

The famous writer said he “eventually had to explain to the cleaning lady I hadn’t murdered anyone and give her a bonus.”

In spite of the light-hearted humor he added to the story, it was apparent that he had suffered a severe injury, and he went to get assessed by a physician.

“We discovered a four-inch gash in the back of my head,” he said, according to Page Six.

The severity of his injury couldn’t be denied.

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“A CAT scan eventually revealed two Subdural hematomas inside my skull,” he said. “I was pretty dizzy and my vision was blurry and sometimes doubled and the next few weeks are a little vague. ”

“So I apologize if I kind of disappeared during recent weeks. Email got ignored. I tried to make lists but it didn’t really help. I forgot to look at the lists. And I took a lot of naps, a talent I never really possessed before,” he quipped.

McInerney went on to say he underwent a “two-hour brain procedure,” but his medical concerns didn’t end there.

“My CAT scan to check on the procedure two weeks later wasn’t too good,” he said.

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“I was just on my way out to dinner last Monday night when I got a call from the hospital insisting that I go to the emergency room immediately. Naturally, I said, ‘Well, can’t I go to dinner first?”

“The physician’s assistant insisted that if my health caught up with my CAT scan results in the following few hours I could keel over in the restaurant for good, so I reluctantly hied my way to [the ER] and subsequently the Intensive Care Unit,” he said.

The author went on to say that his nurse “confiscated the half bottle of Krug that had somehow found its way into my overnight bag, though not before I managed to sneak a glass.” (RELATED: ‘Survivor’ Contestant Dies Of Rare Brain Disease)

He described the effects of the procedure, saying he now has “two holes in my skull and lots of staples. Happily almost all my hair seems intact, if not entirely clean.”