Is Morgan Wallen’s Future In Comedy? You Tell Us After Watching This Commercial


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Country music’s golden boy Morgan Wallen released an utterly hilarious extended commercial Tuesday, featuring Ryl Tea, Caleb Pressley and a dry comedy that could see him into a second career.

The commercial starts with Wallen walking into a barber’s shop where he’s met by two men, one of whom is his stylist for the day, former North Carolina Tar Heels quarterback-turned-sports and pop culture commentator Caleb Pressley. And almost immediately, all hilarity breaks loose.

The duo joke that Pressley is the reason why Wallen went from being the main mullet man to sporting an almost full buzz-cut back in 2023, “and everyone loved it,” Pressley states. “Everyone hated it,” Wallen replies, taking the piss out of himself.


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In what feels like an almost improvised skit, the two men go back and forth with quips about the cut, before getting into the real reason for the commercial: Ryl Tea.

Wallen announced his partnership with the Ryl Tea drinks company in April 2017. It was his first major brand deal since being almost canceled in 2021. “It[‘s] a zero sugar ice [sic] tea made with all-natural ingredients and it reminds me of the iced tea I used to drink growing up as a kid at my mamaw’s house,” he said at the time, and the branding really hasn’t changed much in this commercial. But it sure did get funnier. (RELATED: Drunk Girl Goes Viral For Thinking She Spent The Night With Morgan Wallen)

While it’s clear Wallen was playing off Pressley’s natural banter, he absolutely held his own on the screen. The piece felt almost fully improvised, something akin to a “Curb Your Enthusiasm” episode (except good, unlike the most recent season of “Curb’).

Could Wallen be branching out into more than just record-breaking music, clothing and drinks deals, and a new bar? If he wanted to, he definitely has a future in comedy. And who knows, maybe he’ll end up on a Taylor Sheridan series just like Faith Hill and Tim McGraw. It wouldn’t surprise me!