Video Shows Jet Of Beer Blasting Brewery Worker Across The Room

[Instagram/Screenshot/Public — backchannelbrewing]

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A brewer in Minnesota was absolutely hammered following a tank valve exploding and sent flying across the room. The explosion caused a beer stream to shoot out of the tank, slamming into his chest and pushing him backward, according to video from Back Channel Brewing Co.

Brendan, a Back Channel employee, was evaluating a valve Jan. 23 when the beer started pouring out of a hole at a high speed, completely putting him onto his ass. (RELATED: This ‘Inside The NBA’ Behind-The-Scenes Video Of Shaq And Charles Barkley Bickering Is Pure Comedic Gold)

Soaked in IPA, the employee shot back up and attempted to block the hole as beer continued to spray all over the place, according to the footage.

“I had to get a sneak peek of how good the beer tasted,” commented Brendan on Back Channel’s Instagram video.


When one of my editors sent me this video, they told me to make beer jokes, but honestly, when I first saw this, it looked like a scene out of “Breaking Bad” — I was instantly reminded of Jesse Pinkman’s idiocy.

First off, this beer brewery looks like Gus Fring’s meth lab.

And the scene looks like something stupid that Jesse would do but with some other liquid related to their meth operation (minus anything that would get him killed, we don’t need to get that deep).

Here’s what I mean:

See what I’m talking about?

This beer brewery video is totally a scene out of “Breaking Bad.”