Truly Historical: This Line To See Iowa’s Caitlin Clark Is Absolutely Insane

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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It’s absolutely incredible what Caitlin Clark is doing.

Just recently, the Iowa Hawkeyes women’s basketball superstar became the owner of the all-time NCAA women’s scoring record when she set the mark in a game taking on the Michigan Wolverines.

Well, if you thought the hype with Clark was going to deflate, even just a little bit, you were wrong — WAY, WAY wrong. Hours prior to tip-off Thursday in Bloomington, fans lined up to see Clark, and holy hell, it was unbelievable. Literally, because like I pointed out in a recent blog, stuff like this isn’t being done in women’s basketball.

This thing was so long that it was broken up twice because it crossed over two separate intersections, and continued on after that.

It’s just crazy the hype that surrounds Caitlin Clark.


We’re witnessing history, ladies and gentlemen, so I suggest soaking all of this in.

Now I understand there’s gonna be some male haters because of all of the “man’s world” nonsense, and I also know there’s gonna be some female haters because, well … let’s just be honest here … females like to hate on each other.

But I personally couldn’t give a damn about either side. I have daughters, so I don’t mind Clark setting up some “Barbie”-type ish (a reference to the movie where women ran the show) in the future. And with the female haters, who cares what haters think? (RELATED: Alabama’s Mohamed Wague Blasts Florida’s Alex Condon With Incredibly Dirty And Vicious Elbow (And A Knee At That)

The moral of the story: I’m ALL for what Caitlin Clark is doing, and you should be too — including the haters.

I don’t know if we’ll ever see anything like this again in terms of women’s sports. Witness history.