‘F**king Circle Jerk’: Sean Strickland Blocked From Attending Nitrocross Racing Event After Wild Week


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Sean Strickland for president!

UFC fighter Sean Strickland issued a scathing takedown of the “influencer circle jerk” after he was uninvited from a motocross event following a wild week in which he fought an influencer and called Machine Gun Kelly a weirdo to his face.

“I fucking did it, I violated the influencer trust tree. The circle jerk that I didn’t know I was in,” Strickland ranted on Instagram. “You know, no one really gave me, like, a written invitation to the circle jerk of, like, ‘I get famous, you get famous, we all help each other out.’ I never got the fucking invitation or the guidelines so here we are. But bad news, guys, I’m not racing Nitrocross.”

Strickland said Nitrocross wanted him to come but it was out of their hands. “This isn’t Nitrocross’ doing, man. They’re great fucking people. This goes beyond them.”


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He alluded to the possibility that his barring was initiated by Machine Gun Kelly on his Instagram story Thursday, saying “Who would of thought, out of all the people, fucking Dracula fucking takes me out.”

He issued a hilarious tongue-in-cheek apology on Twitter, writing “You guys after being pulled from Nitrocross there is only one thing I can do now.. Apology tour…… 1. Transwoman are the best at sports.. I was too focused on your dick and balls and not your heart :,/ 2. MGK had a really dope purse and Dracula outfit on. We good now?”

Every time I read that tweet I have legitimate tears well up in my eyes from laughing so hard.

Strickland continued his Instagram rant, explaining he crossed the line when he chose to spar with influencer Sneako and called Machine Gun Kelly a vampire. (RELATED: Machine Gun Kelly’s New Tattoo Is Proof We Need To Bring Back Bullying)

“I guess there’s like f**king golden rules about how to be a fucking influencer and get free shit. I guess I’m not the fucking one for these guys. But, you know, I want you guys to put yourselves in my shoes. You know, a man insulted me and challenged me to fight. I fought that man just like you would. A TikToker wants to spar. I treat him no different than anybody else. You quit, you fall down, or you tap out and we’re fucking done and I respect him for that.”

“I meet a fucking vampire, a fucking vampire wearing a manbag with painted nails, that was so insulted that I didn’t know who the fuck he was, he acted like a woman because I didn’t know, nor do I care, who he was. Dude, you dress like a fucking vampire wearing a manbag. You are a fucking slight on society, bro. The fact that you exist is fucking mind-boggling. The fact that you exist makes me think we need to go back to 1776.”

God it’s so good. I could listen to this guy rant on influencers and call MGK a vampire for hours.

Many are calling this disinvitation Strickland’s “cancellation” but I fundamentally reject that premise. The man is uncancellable. So he gets barred from a dinky little motor cross event? Big whoop. Dana White has his back and as long as it stays that way he’ll always have a platform with the UFC. Plus, there’s virtually nothing he could do to lose me as a fan outside of pulling a 180 and starting to dress like MGK.