John Cena Launches OnlyFans Account — What On Earth?

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Okay, so it’s not what you think.

Hitting theaters March 7, legendary WWE superstar John Cena will be starring in the movie “Ricky Stanicky.”

Directed by Peter Farrelly and also starring Zac Efron, the comedy is about an imaginary character named Ricky Stanicky who was created by three friends as a way to get them out of troubled situations. And you guessed it: Cena will be playing that imaginary guy that you will know as … duh … Ricky Stanicky.

And well, to promote the new movie, Cena has opened an OnlyFans — under that name. Oh, and even more evidence that the whole thing is a promotion: They’re giving out the account for free, and who the hell does that anymore in 2024?

So there you have it … John Cena technically has an OnlyFans. And .. also technically doesn’t.

Here’s the trailer to the movie if you haven’t seen it:

I’m not gonna lie, I lost so many brain cells writing this blog.

First off, John Cena having an OnlyFans, even under a different name to promote a movie, is friggin’ gross. And never mind that OnlyFans conversations are natural brain cell-killers to begin with.

Second, judging by the trailer, this movie is going to be a complete corn-fest … yes, CORNY. (RELATED: A New Trailer For The Highly-Anticipated ‘Civil War’ Movie Is Out, And The Goosebumps Are Unreal)

Third, and this is more of a bonus, but I’m already not a fan of Cena as it is with him being a babyface in WWE. Ew.

I still remember that ass-whoopin’ from The Bloodline, king.

Yeah … “Ricky Stanicky” … I’ll pass.