Jim Jordan Reveals New Whistleblower From Fani Willis’ Office


Hailey Gomez General Assignment Reporter
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House Judiciary Committee chairman Jim Jordan revealed Friday that a new whistleblower from Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis’ office has allegedly come forward.

Jordan appeared at the 2024 Conservative Political Action (CPAC) Conference in Washington D.C. to discuss further revelations since serving Willis a subpoena early February over documents related to an investigation into claims she misused federal funds.

While on stage during a Q&A, former White House Political Director Matt Schlapp asked Jordan if Willis had responded to the committee, to which Jordan said she was supposed to hand over documents, but had yet to do so. (RELATED: ‘Real Consequences’: Latest Evidence Against Fani Willis Could Get Her Disbarred, Land Her In Jail, Legal Experts Say)

“I’m not sure if Jimmy Kimmel understood what the title of this conversation is, ‘What you talking about Willis?’ Fani Willis. Did she get back to you today?” Schlapp asked.

“Yeah, we subpoenaed – not yet, I just talked to our staff,” Jordan said.

“Wait, is she supposed to get back to you today?” Schlapp interjected.

“Yeah, she’s supposed to get documents to us,” Jordan replied.

“Well did you hear from her boyfriend?” Schlapp questioned, alluding to fellow attorney Nathan Wade, with whom Willis confirmed she was in a personal relationship.

“We haven’t. So I was talking about this in the office and I said Fani-Wade, like a Freudian slip you know, Fani Willis and Nathan Wade. So no, we haven’t heard back from her yet, we’ll see what we get from her,” Jordan replied. “But there’s a whistleblower in her office who we have talked to, [from] the committee staff.”

Jordan’s mention of a whistleblower prompted applause from the CPAC crowd.

“The whistleblower – I think she’s like 4′ foot 11,” Jordan continued. “But Fani Willis had seven police, like, escort her out when she fired this lady because this lady raised the concern that Miss Willis was not spending federal funds – not following the rules of the grant dollars in the appropriate manner. So she raised this concern and Fani Willis fired her. She’s now talking with our office and we’ll see where that goes. And that’s why we’ve subpoenaed for records and documents related to this. We’ll see what we get. There’s still a few hours left in today.”

“She also was interesting. Instead of accepting service on the subpoena, she made us send the U.S. Marshals,” Jordan added. “Even though our office had talked with her office, we’ve had correspondence back and forth. She made the U.S. Marshals take the subpoena there. So go figure this is Fani Willis and we all saw I think her attitude on display when she took the stand a few weeks ago.”

Reports of Willis and Wade’s relationship surfaced January after a court motion was filed by representatives of former Trump campaign official Michael Roman. Along with revealing the relationship between the two, Roman alleged that Willis financially benefited from the partnership as the two supposedly used funds to vacation. While Willis has since confirmed the relationship, she denies all allegations of financial gain and took the stand during a hearing last week regarding her possible disqualification from her case against former President Donald Trump.