Ex-Star QB Cam Newton Gets Walloped In 7-On-1 Brawl But Somehow Doesn’t Go Down


Robert McGreevy Contributor
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A viral video posted to X (formerly Twitter) shows former Panthers star quarterback Cam Newton absolutely leveling dudes as he stands tall in a seven-to-one brawl. 

While details are still emerging from the incident, it appears Newton was jumped at a 7-vs-7 youth football tournament, which he runs through his own company, C1N Sports

In one video, Newton can be seen holding a pair of assailants at arm’s length when a third attacker sucker punches him from behind before all hell breaks loose. 

Newton apparently absorbs multiple punches and drags the scrum to a fence where other alleged attackers get in on the fight, video shows. (RELATED: Cam Newton Explains The Difference Between A ‘Bad B*tch’ And Other Women)

About 20 seconds into the skirmish, event staff and security are seen breaking up things up and separating Newton from the alleged thugs who jumped him.

This is one of the craziest videos I’ve ever seen but is also simply further proof Cam was deserving of the “Superman” moniker he went by in the NFL. 

Literally seven dudes were swinging on him and he didn’t go down once. He just ate punches and held his ground. 

What did these dudes think was going to happen? Can Newton is 6 foot 6 inches, 240 pounds and certifiably nuts. He went viral in 2015 over a picture of him fighting his then-Panthers teammate Josh Norman and laughing diabolically as he brought the cornerback to the ground. 

He clearly relishes some good fisticuffs. 

With moves like these, though, the former QB might have a future in the octagon. Someone send this video to Dana White ASAP.