Unopened Case Of NHL Cards That Potentially Carry Rare Wayne Gretzky Gems Sell For A Whopping $3.7 Million

(Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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If you need more evidence that Wayne Gretzky is a legend, here you go.

A family in Canada is swimming in a boat load of money after a case of 1979 O-Pee-Chee hockey cards (which was completely unopened, by the way) sold off for a crazy $3.7 million in an auction. In Canada, that number eclipses $5 million.

And what’s so special about this box of cards? (RELATED: Utterly Crazy College Hockey Brawl Erupts During Arizona State Vs. Alaska-Fairbanks And, Damn, These Boys Went Hard)

It potentially has over 20 Wayne Gretzky rookie cards, which is one of the biggest “gets” in terms of card collection.

The 16 boxes of cards that were in the case feature around 10,000 cards, according to Heritage Auctions, per Global News.

“We had a pre-auction estimate of $2 million, and this sold for nearly twice that,” Heritage Auctions consignment director, Jason Simonds, said Monday, according to the outlet. “It sold for close to $232,000 per box, which is incredible.”

I’ve actually been thinking about getting into card collecting for the purpose of profit. Whether it’s sports, Pokemon, and other genres that I have no interest in but will sure as hell sell if it’s profitable, there’s a lot of different ways to flip cash in a business like this.

Just another hustle I could add to my never-ending hustle … what can I say, I like money.