Utterly Crazy College Hockey Brawl Erupts During Arizona State Vs. Alaska-Fairbanks And, Damn, These Boys Went Hard

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Damn, I’m falling in love with college hockey.

The Arizona State and Alaska-Fairbanks men’s hockey teams squared off in the latter’s territory over the weekend, just two weeks after they met up at Mullett Arena in Tempe. And, my goodness, did these boys give us a show with an absolutely insane fight which broke out during Friday’s game.

Brawling it out were Nanooks blueliner Dawson Bruneski and Sun Devils defenseman Tucker Ness. Late in the contest, they were in the box with roughing minors — matching ones at that.

Though there was just 16 seconds to go in the game, a skirmish popped off with players shoving each other: enter Bruneski and Ness. The two decided to join the circus, getting out of the box earlier than time allowed and capping off on each other.

It was incredibly beautiful to behold as a hockey fan.


THIS is hockey, ladies and gentlemen.

I saw a debate around this situation where people were going back and forth about college hockey players and if they should be allowed to fight. My response: Heck, yeah.

Not just that, but when it comes to gambling, college props should also be allowed in every state which allows sports betting — that being said, all 50 states should have gambling legalized. (RELATED: The American Sports Betting Industry Pulled In A Whopping $10.9 Billion In 2023, 45% Increase From Previous Year)

Like, come on, people … why are we making our men weaker and weaker?

Let ’em fight and make us money off bets! We’re in America (you know, the land of the FREE)!