Former NFL Superstar Braylon Edwards Saves Elderly Man’s Life After YMCA Attack: Report

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Get ’em, Braylon!

Braylon Edwards, a former NFL superstar wide receiver, is now in the hero business after he reportedly saved an 80-year-old man following an attack Friday at a Michigan YMCA.

Edwards happened to be at the YMCA located in Farmington Hills when he reportedly heard a lot of noise coming from the locker room. (RELATED: A True American Hero: Kevin Durant Wants ’40, 50-Point Wins’ For Team USA Basketball At 2024 Paris Olympics)

“I walk into the locker room after work and, basically, I hear, about four rows behind me, arguing about music and how it was being played too loud,” Edwards told Local 4 WDIV Detroit. “So I’m not paying attention, and I was just minding my business.

“The noise escalates, and then you can hear some pushing and shoving, so you know what fighting sounds like. But once I hear a thud, that’s when I got up and turned around.”

Edwards then spotted the elderly man allegedly being assaulted by a 25-year-old man, reportedly before quickly getting involved.


I’ve always liked Braylon Edwards. I’ve been a fan of him ever since his days at the University of Michigan, so this only elevates all his status for me.

We live in a world where a lot of people are either “mind my business” (like me) or “I’m just gonna stand here and record while somebody gets killed” like a lot of goobers out here.

But Braylon?

My man did the rare thing in 2024 and became an authentic hero.

Respect, Braylon. Respect.