The Western Michigan-Ball State Game Has To Have One Of The Most Insane Endings In College Basketball History

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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Yep … we’re definitely in March.

Western Michigan and Ball State squared off in a college basketball game Saturday afternoon. Though a matchup between these two schools is known more when it comes to MAC football, they brought us that same kind of energy on the court with what truly has to be one of the most insane endings in college basketball history.

With 1.6 seconds left on the clock, the game was tied up, 76-76. And at that particular time, it looked like the game was going into double-overtime. But rather than more free basketball, fans in attendance were treated to absolute insanity. (RELATED: Iowa’s Cailtin Clark Entering 2024 WNBA Draft)

Western Michigan was facing a situation where they had to get the ball down the entire court if they wanted a chance to win the game, and that’s exactly what Ja’Vaughn Hannah decided to do with a toss in an attempt for a miracle. And the basketball gods delivered in flying colors, as the ball somehow ended up going through seven defenders, not touching a single soul, and right into the hands of teammate Anthony Crump.

There was Crump, all by himself under the basket, and he managed to get the ball up in time to hit a shot which set off utter craziness.



Usually, we need the conference tournaments to warm us for March Madness but, after this, I think we’re ready to go! And, of course, it would be the MAC pulling this off.

Basketball at its finest, ladies and gentlemen.