Johnny Knoxville, Theo Von, Bobbly Lee And Kate Upton Team Up For ‘Sweet Dreams’


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Paramount Movies dropped the trailer for “Sweet Dreams” Wednesday, featuring an absolutely iconic lineup of 2020’s biggest names.

Described as a “wild and off-the-wall journey of second chances,” the story follows Johnny Knoxville’s leading character (Morris) as he works his way through rehab with a whole host of other incredible talent, making this one of the most indie-vibed ensemble productions we’ve seen so far in 2024. And it looks both hysterical and moving.

“But when their house goes up for auction, he reluctantly agrees to coach their misfit softball team of recovering addicts to win a cash prize and prove that everyone, despite their past, can hit a home run,” the trailer description continues, giving the sense that this might be a less special ed version of “The Ringer.”

Kate Upton joins the seemingly all-star cast, which includes Brian Van Holt (extremely underrated in “Cougar Town”), Bobby Lee, Jay Mohr and my personal favorite podcast host and comedian, Theo Von. I am also extremely excited to see Theo Von take on such a big creative gig after becoming such a huge name in comedy. I also refuse to refer to Theo Von by just his last name because his full name is just so good.

Knoxville is probably best known for his comedic work and his celebrity through the “Jackass” movies. But he’s actually a really talented and serious actor who barely gets enough credit for how commanding he is on screen. (RELATED: REVIEW: ‘Jackass Forever’ Is Unapologetic, Politically Incorrect Nonsense Exactly When America Needs It Most)

A more recent example of his work is “Reboot,” which was cancelled after one season, probably for being too clever for Hollywood and too Hollywood for clever people. Despite being surrounded by other, bigger celebrities, Knoxville was the best talent on screen and deserved a lot more recognition for the work.

The movie drops April 16th!