Mind-Bending Scenes Emerge From Massive Volcanic Eruption

(Photo by Ael Kermarec / AFP) (Photo by AEL KERMAREC/AFP via Getty Images)

Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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A volcano in Iceland erupted Saturday for the fourth time in three months, sending fountains of lava into the skies and creating mind-bending scenes on the ground.

The citizens of Grindavik, Iceland were first evacuated in November 2023 as a local volcano started to rumble with activity. The full eruption started a little over a month later in December, sending earthquake swarms and lava flows throughout the region. The same system has actively erupted on-and-off ever since, with the most recent fissure opening about 1.9 miles in length from the Stóra-Skógfell towards Hagafell, according to CNN.

Absolutely insane videos and images were shared across social media of the eruption, showing the astounding power of the natural world when she wakes up.

Saturday’s eruption is the most powerful of the last month’s seismic activity, and is expected to start hitting local roads and infrastructure in the coming days or even hours, CNN reported. The world-famous Blue Lagoon and Iceland’s Keflavik International Airport are both reportedly being watched closely as the eruption is happening on the same peninsula.

Blue Lagoon was evacuated following the most recent eruption, but the airport remains fully operational at the time of writing. (RELATED: Scientists Reveal Ancient Cataclysm That Plunged The World Into Darkness 1,500 Years Ago)

Previous eruptions on the Reykjanes Peninsula since December lasted just a few days and consumed a handful of buildings, The Associated Press reported. No deaths have been reported, but one workman was officially declared missing after falling into an open fissure near the volcano, according to the outlet.