EXCLUSIVE: CEO Responds To ‘Raunchy’ Conservative Calendar’s Sudden Popularity

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Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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CalendarGate kicked off again Sunday after corporate news media joined the temper tantrum over a conservative beer company’s reinvention of the pinup girl.

The Ultra Right Beer company released its “Conservative Dad’s Real Women of America” calendar just before the start of 2024, bringing a fresh new vibe to the long-held American tradition of celebrating brilliant beautiful women by any means necessary. But for some reason, the dolts over at outlets like the Daily Mail and New York Times only just started paying attention to this first step in a cultural revolution for pro-beautiful conservative Christian women … mostly by quoting women who sound like they’re allergic to fun.

Apparently, some boring Christian conservative women think the calendar is “soft porn,” because it features women like former college swimmer Riley Gaines wearing swimsuits, while others wear black t-shirts and pants … how “raunchy!!” (not). We here at the Daily Caller are well past listening to miserable broads spew hate for attention, so we decided to chat to the brainchild behind the calendar, CEO of Conservative Dad’s Ultra Right Beer Seth Weathers.

When Weathers first saw the calendar was going viral again, he laughed, and “showed a friend and his wife, and we all laughed together,” he told the Daily Caller in an exclusive chat.

“Bud Light promoted a dude as a woman, Victoria’s Secret started telling people you can be beautiful at any weight with morbidly obese models, and Sports Illustrated started putting obese women in bikinis on their cover as if it was something to aspire to,” Weather noted when asked about his inspiration for the calendar.

“The reality is that fit and attractive is a conservative value. We should all aspire to be in the best shape possible. Time to stop this false idolization of obesity. We have the most obese generation of all time. It’s killing our kids.” (RELATED: Maxim Names A Dude Who Pleaded Guilty To Stalking As One Of The 100 Hottest Women)

As a Christian woman myself, I have to say that the judgment spewed by other Christian women is nothing more than a cringe type of Karen-ing that is gradually going the way of the dodo. “There was nothing scandalous about the swimsuits in our calendar. For the few swimsuits we had, they were far more covering than what you see on any beach in America,” Weathers added. “Beer brands used to be about great beer, fun, patriotism, fast cars, and beautiful women. We’re getting back to the basics.”

He called the backlash a “false controversy,” noting that “most of the people complaining wear bikinis. Unfortunately, they just don’t look as good in them as the women in our calendar.” I made a similar statement when the calendar first came out and was called “harsh,” but are we really wrong here? (Be honest).

I don’t think these miserable ladies realize that every time they take a stand against beautiful women, they make the world harder for all women. (RELATED: ‘Slap In The Face’: Daily Caller’s Kay Smythe Rips Lia Thomas’ ‘Woman Of The Year’ Nomination)

Also, what the heck is wrong with you if you’re a woman and you don’t want to be sexy? Seriously, who hurt you and why haven’t you used the myriad options available to heal from that hurt?