Ultimate Karen Gets Unhinged-Levels Of Mad About People Bringing Their Babies To Bars


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Footage went viral Sunday of a woman having a toddler-esque tantrum at a bar in Austin, Texas, because someone brought a child to the bar.

The extremely glamorous but very unfriendly woman can be seen in the clip posted to Twitter telling a 27-year-old mother to “get your baby out of a bar.” The child can be heard crying in the background while plenty of other patrons move around unphased.

The mother and another adult woman with her at the bar are polite in their reply to the woman, telling her that they were just paying the bill and planned to leave. But apparently, this wasn’t good enough for the woman, who replies, “You guys are idiots. Why would you do that? Why would you do this to the poor kid?”

“He’s having fun,” says one of the women. Even though they are quite clearly being attacked for having a crying infant, which is one of the most normal and beautiful things in the world, they keep their composure incredibly well. (RELATED: Women Can Be Terrible, But Lady Victoria Hervey Is A Whole Other Level Of Disgusting)

But the woman picking the fight wasn’t done and felt the need to become the ultimate Karen in all of history. “No, he’s not having fun. You’re an idiot,” she continues. “You’re an idiot. You gotta get your fucking kid outta the bar.” And from there, it just gets worse. “Get your fucking kid out of the bar,” the woman snaps, which is when the people who appear to be her friends disappear. Doesn’t that tell you everything you need to know?

I get that some people don’t want babies at bars, but tough shit. Most babies exist because of bars and the things they serve there, so shut up about it. I mean, how pathetic do you have to be to side with an old drunk woman who thinks it’s okay to cuss out a mother and baby? (RELATED: Americans, Why Do You Love Celebrating Your Failures? It Makes You Look Stupid And Weak)

My jaw was also on the floor watching this woman behave like this. I’m not sure if she’s drunk, or if this is just who she is, but you’ve got to think pretty damn highly of yourself to treat anyone this way. And you’ve got to be a special sort of something to treat a new mother this way.