UFO Fans Fill Tiny Little Town Of Limoges, France, Amid Rumors Of ET Communication


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Thousands of people apparently packed into a tiny French town Monday for a three-day UFO event that claims to prepare humanity for visits from aliens.

The Exovision Symposium, organized by an NGO called Alliances Célestes (Celestial Alliances), has apparently seen more than 2,200 people in the tiny town of Limoges, France. Many of them are hoping to prepare for the arrival of extraterrestrial neighbors and “new-style encounters,” according to the Daily Mail.

Despite being banned from attending, countless members of the media also apparently showed up. BFMTV claimed they were able to sneak in, releasing footage of people listening quietly as someone speaks on a massive stage. The outlet said that French authorities are worried about the mass turnout.

“We are in contact with civilizations. When I say in contact, it is with communication and a partnership, a collaboration,” one of the people on stage tells the crowd (in French). “But they have a big problem, these civilizations, which is that they don’t know how to communicate with the citizens of Earth. For what? Because the citizens of Earth are afraid.”

Other journalists apparently snuck in and saw event organizer Jean-Michel Raoux dressed in a yellow and blue outfit, telling people he was “from the planet Niam.”(RELATED: GOP Rep Who Got Classified UFO Briefing Says They Could Be ‘Angels’ From Another Dimension)

Other attendees reportedly made similar claims. The overall vibe was apparently more political than scientific — members of the UFO community have lost faith in official government and scientific reports on UFO phenomena. Instead, hosts suggested that “a new world must emerge” in which humans have a close political relationship with extraterrestrial beings, according to Daily Mail.

… okay then.