Netflix Is Trying To Do A UFO, Paranormal Docuseries. Does It Look Like Another Cheap Knockoff?

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Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Netflix dropped the trailer Wednesday for “Files of the Unexplained,” and it looks like a really cheap knockoff of hit YouTube show and podcast, “The Why Files.”

The series apparently follows eight different unsolved mysteries, including those related to aliens, severed feet washing up ashore and disappearances. However, it looks pretty rinky-dinky dull compared to shows like “The Why Files.” One of the episodes looks like it’ll be about Mount Shasta, with others about random abductions, strange monsters and even haunted houses.

While these topics are cool, Netflix had every opportunity to do a documentary on them years ago. Now that other people are finding huge success exploring similar fields of investigation, is it any surprise Netflix is trying to do an unoriginal rip off of these ideas?

This is the same streaming service trying to piggy back on “Yellowstone’s” success with what looks like a terrible cowboy drama, “Ransom Canyon.” Their producers don’t have original ideas, as far as I’m concerned, and spend their lives trawling the internet for brilliant concepts to badly rip off (in my opinion).

If you want to watch a fascinating investigative show about the most bizarre paranormal, extraterrestrial, cryptids and unsolved mysteries, there literally isn’t a better series than “The Why Files.” Also, is it just me, or does it look like Netflix is trying to steal this show’s branding by using the world “Files” in the title? (RELATED: The Truth About The ‘Cicada 3301’ Conspiracy Is Absolutely Wild)

Regardless, Netflix will drop their show April 3. Let’s hope they at least do a better job on these than that “Octopus Murders” glorified car crash of a documentary.