Video Shows Andre Lima Get Bit During UFC Bout, Later Gets Tattoo Of Bite Mark

[Screenshot/Sports Radio Brila FM/Public]

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Twenty year-old flyweight MMA fighter Igor Severino lost his first and only match in the UFC after being disqualified for sinking his teeth into fellow Brazilian, Andre Lima, in the second round of their fight at the UFC Apex, Las Vegas, Nevada, according to a report from Reuters.

“I went down, and as I was getting up, I yelled because I felt sharp pain. I thought it was the fence at first. I thought ‘there was no way he would have bit me’, especially with the way the fight was going,” said Lima, according to Reuters.

Lima was visibly hurt from the assault in the third minute of the second round, trying to bring the foul to the attention of referee Chris Tognoni who, after consultation with the ringside doctor and officials, ruled the bout a disqualification. The result made Severino the first fighter in the promotion’s 30-year history to be disqualified for biting, according to The Sun.

A furious UFC President, Dana White, condemned Severino and confirmed the fighter would not compete in the organization again. In a message to veteran combat sports journalist Kevin Iole, he wrote, “If you get frustrated and want out of the fight, there are plenty of ways to do it, but the worst thing u can do is bite your opponent. Now, you get cut and lose the biggest opportunity of your life. Not to mention, he’s going to have real problems with the NSAC.” (RELATED: ‘I’m The Happiest Man In The World’: Mark Coleman Shares Heartwarming Message After Waking Up In Hospital

Lima, on the other hand, improved his own record to 8-0, and seemed unfazed by the incident. In addition to the win, he also received a $50,000 bonus from White for celebrating his victory by turning Severino’s bite mark into a tattoo, with the iconic image being shared far and wide by fight fans all over social media.