‘That’s An Interesting Point’: Fox Host Harris Faulkner Amazed By Guest’s ‘Ruby Red Slipper’ Defense Of Trump

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Julianna Frieman Contributor
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Fox News host Harris Faulkner was amazed Monday by Fox News Legal Editor Kerri Kupec Urbahn’s “ruby red slipper” defense of former President Donald Trump.

Democratic New York Attorney General Letitia James took the first step toward seizing Trump’s assets by filing judgments with the clerk’s office in Westchester County on March 6. Trump was ordered to pay the State of New York a $454 million bond, which the former president reported being unable to post, in his civil fraud case brought by James.

Urbahn made the point that Trump’s assets are worth as much as someone is willing to pay, stating that the 2024 Republican presidential nominee’s name recognition would increase the value of his properties like how a pair of “ruby red slippers” would be worth more if they were worn by Dorthy from “The Wizard of Oz.”

“When you start to have people who will press against a candidate and run with their name in their mouths, that’s gotta taint some voters,” Faulkner said. “No one wants to speak up about that?”

“It’s certainly understandable why people are beginning to view it that way, especially with what’s at stake in November,” Urbahn said. “And Harris, just going back to the valuation aspect in this fraud case for a minute, you know, because I’m not sure that people quite understand the ins and outs because it’s confusing.”

“The real estate and how this works, but think about it for a second,” she continued. “If I went online right now and I wanted to buy a pair of glittery, ruby red slippers on Amazon, I could get them for maybe 30 or 40 dollars. But if I wanted to get the ones owned by Dorothy in ‘The Wizard of Oz,’ they’re, I believe, currently valued at about four or five million dollars. That is to me a perfect picture of how subjective valuation is of assets. How much is someone willing to pay for something, and it typically depends on who or what that thing belonged to.” (RELATED: Eric Trump Says Insurance Companies ‘Were Laughing’ When Trump Asked For Half-Billion Dollar Bond Request)

“That’s an interesting point,” Faulkner said.

“And that’s why this case has been so tricky, I think, from the get-go. And the fact that the New York attorney general brought this case in this way, obviously very much undervalued his assets. Now he, some people say he overvalued, people just need to understand how all of this is, has largely been resting on subjectivity,” Urbahn said.

“Well, the valuation is a very valuable way of putting things the way you did,” Faulkner replied. “I mean, would you just want a building in New York, or would you want part of the portfolio of a man who’s known for having successful buildings all over the world, i.e. Donald Trump.”

“Exactly,” Urbahn replied.

“I hadn’t heard anyone put it that way, but that’s very interesting,” Faulkner said.

An appeals court agreed to reduce Trump’s civil fraud case bond to $175 million from $454 million. The court agreed to block the collection of the judgment if Trump pays the new amount within 10 days.


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