UConn Head Coach Dan Hurley Has Some Absolutely Bizarre Superstitions

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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They say this man is the king of superstitions … I can see why.

When it comes to his UConn Huskies, men’s basketball head coach Dan Hurley will go deep into a rabbit hole to make sure they get dubs in the NCAA March Madness tournament.

Hell, it worked for him last year, and now Hurley is going all out again this season to win a repeat national championship. (RELATED: ‘You’ll Get Hurt’: UConn’s Dan Hurley — Who I Wanna Hate — Just Gets Cooler And Cooler With Interactions Like This)

Prior to Sunday’s game between the top-seeded Huskies and No. 8 Northwestern, Hurley’s bizarre superstitions were shared by the TruTV broadcast, and as you’re about to see, it involves candy and boxers — very red boxers.

To be more specific, Hurley has a few odd superstitions that he does before games, such as eating exactly eight M&M’s (the non-peanut edition), drinking bulletproof coffee and, yes, you guessed it … the red dragon underwear that he’s famous for wearing last year (and winning a national title with).


Hey, whatever works.

We live in a world full of shady people, expensive prices and competitive markets. If you can get an edge (as long as it’s within the law), do it. For ol’ Danny boy over here, it just happens to be a cup of Joe and his dragon underwear. Oh, and you can’t forget the M&M’s.

So great.