Steph Curry Openly Shows Frustration Towards Draymond Green, May Be The Beginning Of The End For The Modern Warriors

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Is this the end of a Steph Curry x Draymond Green partnership? … Could be, and throw Klay Thompson in there too.

The Golden State Warriors have praised power forward Draymond Green since coming back in January from his indefinite suspension, applauding him for remaining fiery without getting himself in trouble again. He’s still jawing at referees, he’s still getting physical on the court, but he’s doing so without crossing the line.

And then Wednesday night happened. (RELATED: ‘I Vetoed It’: LeBron Admits To Overruling Lakers Head Coach Darvin Ham On Playcalls)

The Warriors ended up getting the 101-93 victory against the Orlando Magic, however, this was without the help of Green as the 34-year-old was ejected from the game less than four minutes into action.

Following being hit with his first personal foul, he was running his mouth to referee Ray Acosta. Then, just a few plays after, Steph Curry was knocked with a shooting foul — this resulted in Green coming up to Acosta and chirping at him again, but this time, he was yelling at him. In response, Acosta issued Green a technical foul, but when Green kept going at him, the official hit him with another tech. giving him an automatic ejection out of the game.

Green’s night came to an end in the first quarter with 8:24 left on the clock. After the game, crew chief Mitchell Ervin told a reporter that Green was issued a second tech “after a prolonged diatribe, Green directed egregious profane vanguard towards a game official,” per ESPN.

While Green was walking off the court Wednesday night and headed back to the locker room, Golden State head coach Steve Kerr was yipping with the referees about his distaste for their officiating.

However, during that moment, it was Curry who stood out the most. While the timeout was happening, Curry was pacing back and forth, and even more telling, he was openly shaking his head over and over again. And then ratcheting it up a little bit more, he pulled his jersey up over his face, clearly emotional over the incident.

Could this be the end of the modern-day Warriors? … It looks like we’re heading down that road.