Infamous Ex-NFL Star Gets Roasted By Damar Hamlin After Tweeting That He’s Dead

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Robert McGreevy Contributor
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Former star NFL wideout Antonio Brown has been making waves on social media since the inception of his “CTESPN” concept, a quasi-news initiative and hashtag he uses to try and stay relevant byr sharing news and content pertaining to the sporting world. 

While some of the flagrant highlights of his absurd posts include him bragging about cheating on his wife and seemingly predicting the Russell Wilson to Pittsburgh move, a recent post about Bills safety Damar Hamlin shows that AB’s previously comical tweeting habit is no laughing matter. 

Brown replied a tweet asking users to name a “fictional character’s death that you have NOT gotten over” with a picture of Hamlin, who famously suffered cardiac arrest in a harrowing moment during a Jan. 2023 Buffalo Bills game.  

Hamlin responded by posting a screenshot of his Twitter inbox, apparently showing that Brown had messaged him five straight times with no response. (RELATED: Former NFL Superstar Says His ‘Brain Is Crippled By Horniness’)

“You just DM me on Monday? guess you playing lame games on twitter with my situation because I ain’t DM you back,” Hamlin wrote alongside the images. “I pray God don’t ever let me turn into a burnt out old head like you.. I used to look up to you damn near shit sad frfr [for real, for real]. Talk bout a clone bring the real AB back!”

“Been in my DM over a year talking to yourself,” he continued. “You was supposed to be an example setter. Now you the biggest weirdo we know! Get off twitter & go do some work with some kids or something. #PrayForAB.”

Brown then offered a wild, expletive-filled and borderline insane reaction to Hamlin’s self-defense. 

“Somebody run my Twitter f*ck [n-word] this entertainment,” Brown responded. “I’ll leave your ass sleep in a field fr boy u don’t know me like that my therapist told me you NFL [n-words] self esteem weak,” he wrote in a wild Friday tweet. 

Besides the jarring threat of violence, which we certainly shouldn’t just gloss over, I found one other admission here fascinating. 

Something I, and many others, have long speculated is that AB doesn’t run his own Twitter. His prolific posting frequency seems to indicate he’s hired someone to do it for him, something he seemed to admit here. He did, however, walk that claim back after realizing it would probably hurt his brand if people knew he was a fraud. 

“I run my own Twitter jus wanted to f*ck with that [clown emoji],” he wrote.

Brown then tweeted a wild, AI-generated photo of a black man with dreads sitting next to an urn with Hamilton’s initials and the dates “1998-2023.”

I’ll be honest, I find Brown mildly entertaining. His Cracker Of The Day series, while blatantly racist, is pretty humorous. But this pathetic situation reeks of desperation and really turns me off from enjoying his content.  There’s a fine line between telling jokes and being crass for the sake of being outlandish. 

I fully support AB’s right to tweet whatever schizo garbage he wants to. But I imagine I’ll be less favorably disposed toward his posts moving forward.