Video Shows Protesters Chanting ‘Free Palestine’ Disrupt Easter Mass At St. Patrick’s Cathedral


Mia Hernandez Contributor
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Climate protestors interrupted an Easter Mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City Saturday, the New York Post reported.

Protestors identified as members of climate protest and Palestinian solidarity group, Extinction Rebellion, entered the church, the New York Post reported. During the second reading of the Easter Vigil the protestors could be heard chanting, “Free, free Palestine.” (RELATED: Pro-Palestine Protestors Disrupt Live Broadcast Of Benefit For Blind Children)

Time Square was filled with thousands of protestors early Saturday demanding a cease-fire in Gaza. These protestors then entered the Easter Vigil and walked to the front of the service, the outlet reported.

Climate protesters held up a banner, “SILENCE = DEATH” with the Extinction Rebellion symbol and an olive tree.

The video shows protestors revealing the banner before numerous people quickly rushed over, pulling away the flag and pushing the disruptors from the front of the church.

The protestors were quickly removed from the Easter Vigil. Members of the congregation and general attendees led by Cardinal Timothy Dolan were unphased by the protestor’s interruption, the New York Post reported.

Pro-Palestine protestors disrupted President Joe Biden’s New York fundraiser on Thursday. One protestor disrupted a presidential panel discussion and began yelling at the president.

“Shame on you Joe Biden! Shame on you! You are forcing genocide in Palestine and no amount of full concern -,” the protestor shouted.

One protestor outside of the event appeared to be arrested by NYPD authorities.