Rep. Anna Paulina Luna Slams Biden Admin, Says Hispanic Voters Are Leaving Dems ‘In Droves’

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Hailey Gomez General Assignment Reporter
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Republican Florida Rep. Anna Paulina Luna slammed the Biden administration Monday on Fox News over their attempts to gain back Hispanic voters, stating that they’re leaving the Democrat Party “in droves.”

Luna appeared on “The Ingraham Angle” and host Laura Ingraham asked Luna why she thought the White House social media page had left off a Spanish translation for the administration’s post regarding International Transgender Day of Visibility(RELATED: CNN Data Analyst Says Hispanic Voters ‘Overwhelmingly Trust’ Trump On Border Security, Immigration)

“No, not at all – in fact it was intentional,” Luna said. “This administration has been angling to get back the Hispanic voting block, which Laura I’ll remind you that Hispanic Americans, specifically of Mexican descent, are now the largest voting minority in the country. This whole issue of Trans Awareness Day over Easter would not bode well, especially in the community, of which I so proudly represent – which is largely Catholic and Christian. So when they do this, it’s intentional. Laura, they are losing the Hispanic American vote in droves. I’m happy to say, because of that I do believe Trump will be winning in November.”

Luna went on to say the incident is not the “first time” the administration has “disrespected” Hispanic Americans, reminding the Fox host of when First Lady Jill Biden stated that Hispanics were as “unique” as tacos and when President Joe Biden played Spanish-hit song “Despacito” while speaking at a Hispanic Heritage Month event.

“It’s not the first time – remember we had Jill Biden calling us breakfast tacos. You had President Biden during his election playing ‘Despacito.’ So it’s not the first time this administration, and this president, have really disrespected Hispanic Americans. But, again, the top three issues are inflation, jobs, and the economy and so really when voters are faced with this in November they’re going to be looking at the message of the Republican Party and of President Trump versus this administration,” Luna stated.

“Frankly, they are, and by they I mean this administration, is working with Big Tech to censor that message to Hispanic Americans,” she continued. “Remember, only a few months back they actually purchased up a majority of conservative Spanish media and radio in an effort to push this and sway this election.”

In 2022, Republican lawmakers attempted to block a Soros-funded news company led by former Democratic staffers called the Latino Media Network from purchasing 18 Spanish-language radio stations for roughly $60 million. They were unsuccessful and the purchase later went through.

Former President Donald Trump has been gaining on key Democrat voting blocs, including the Hispanic vote, according to polls. In a recent New York Times/Siena College poll, Trump showed a six-point lead over Biden among Hispanic voters, sitting at 46% of the vote. While the margin of error for the poll is 10 percentage points due to the sample size not being “large enough to assess small differences reliably,” other polls have also indicated Hispanic support leaning towards the former president for 2024.