Watch As Blue Alleged UFO Whizzes Through Skies Over Arizona


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Video shared Saturday on social media showed what appears to be a strange blue UFO allegedly floating above Scottsdale, Arizona, on March 28.

The footage was apparently taken on an iPhone 13 by a resident walking his dog back to his apartment, according to the caption. The videographer claimed the object went up and down in the sky and was louder than most of the planes passing by. The object was there for 30 minutes and then “fell.”

Only one news outlet appears to have picked up the video in the days since it was posted. Most of the report is based on the video and unnamed, unreferenced witnesses. (RELATED: Video Appears To Show ‘UFO’ Flying By Air Force One At Los Angeles International Airport)

Arizona is a pretty significant hotspot for UFOs, according to Axios. Maricopa County averaged around 56 UFO sighting reports per 100,000 residents between 2000 and 2023.

But then again, who of us hasn’t seen something weird in the skies? At this point, UFOs are just one of those things most of us think is probably real, even if most of the publicized reports seem a bit off. We should also accept the U.S. government and it’s agencies will never, ever, admit to the existence of extraterrestrial life or technologies unless there is some strategic purpose.

So I somewhat hope they never tell us the truth. Can you even imagine what would come next?