UFOs Showed Up During The Solar Eclipse


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Footage shared across social media during Monday’s solar eclipse appeared to show a UFO hurtling through the clouds over Arlington, Texas.

The video, shared widely online since Monday, shows a bizarre object moving through the clouds like nothing we’ve ever seen before … unless you’ve seen an airplane before, in which case this video probably won’t blow your mind. The original clip was apparently shared by the account “@ishyarredondo.”

@thearredondostx WHAT WAS THAT!?!?! Flew by when the eclipse was happening!! #solareclipse #eclispe #aliens #tx #aliensighting #aliensarereal #foryou #fyp #foryou ♬ original sound – Ishyarredondo

Even though the entire thing was filmed in the direct flight path of the Dallas-Fort-Worth Airport, according to a community note on Twitter, everyone still thinks this strange, slightly plane-shaped shadow is a UFO.

“Shadow on the clouds from a higher altitude airplane. I have seen this many times as an aviation spotter,” one Twitter user noted, according to the Daily Express.

It probably didn’t help that the UFO (plane) showed up right in the middle of the solar eclipse, which went into totality over Texas on Monday. Even those of us who were skeptical and “too cool” to care about the eclipse in any meaningful way (i.e., me) noted a definite change in the overall vibe when it started popping off. (RELATED: Sick Of The Solar Eclipse? Check Out Exploding Volcanoes Blowing Smoke Rings And Other Cool Stuff Instead)

The eclipse is the last totality that’ll reign over the North American continent until at least Aug. 23, 2044, according to NASA. And the aliens will probably have invaded by then, so that’ll be fun!