Weird Stuff To Expect During The Solar Eclipse

(Photo by Adam Gray/Getty Images)

Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Since all of you are freaking about the very normal solar eclipse Monday, we thought we’d share some of the weird things to expect during this average cosmic experience.

A solar eclipse will leave roughly 15 states in total darkness for a few minutes shortly after lunchtime on Monday, while the rest of the U.S. will see a partial eclipse. While this is a perfectly average cosmic event, some weird things might happen down here on Earth that you should all know about.

The first of these is a phenomenon called Baily’s Beads, in which direct sunlight will burst through the moon’s uneven surface during the “totality” period, according to Live Science. At the same time, you may observe what’s known as “solar prominences,” which are just huge bursts of plasma and other materials that come from the sun’s surface.

Obviously, these phenomena aren’t that weird. But what would be super weird is if you stared directly at the totality without eye protection and one of them blinded you. By weird, I mean devastating and extremely stupid.

The temperatures may also drop during the eclipse. Most places within the path of totality will experience a brief drop of about five to 10 degrees Fahrenheit, Live Science noted, comparing it to when a cloud goes over the sun. And apparently, the wind can even change direction the immediate moments after totality, according to a 2016 study. (RELATED: ‘100% Probability’ Major Global Catastrophe Destroys All Technology, Dennis Quaid Explains To Tucker Carlson)

However, I’d bet 99% of people wouldn’t even notice the change in wind direction. They’d be too busy taking photographs on their phones and sending them to everyone else taking the same photograph.

Most people, including the folks over at the New York Times, think animals could act weird during the eclipse. To this, I ask, when haven’t animals acted weird?

The NY Times said “circadian rhythms might take a noticeable hit” with nocturnal animals possibly emerging from their dens. Personally, I think this is freaking adorable. I’ve been waiting to figure out what little creature is living in the trees at the end of my property, so hopefully I’ll find out today if it comes out for an early-day hunt during the eclipse.

Finally, radio waves might get a bit freaky during the eclipse, according to the National Association of Amateur Radio (ARRL). (RELATED: Huge Discovery Allows Scientists To Predict Potential Cataclysms More Accurately)

“Ham radio will be there – operators will participate in scientific experiments, serve local communities that will be overrun with hundreds of thousands of visitors, and provide a valuable tool for communicating if the mobile phone networks become overloaded,” ARRL wrote in an update on the eclipse. But Live Science argues that more data is needed to fully understand how and why radio waves can become scrambled during a solar eclipse.

One of the weirdest things that could emerge during the 2024 eclipse is a better understanding of how material and energy from the sun influence Earth’s magnetic field, particularly in relation to our communication structures. (RELATED: Did Flight Systems Go Down Because Of Solar Storms? Well …)

We know the sun has the power to send us back to the technological dark ages. But let’s hope that doesn’t happen today. Right? Maybe?