Here’s More Evidence That The New ‘College Football 25’ Video Game Is Going To Be An Absolute Banger

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We’re going to have a transfer portal!

The closer we get to summer, the more details come out about the new “College Football 25” video game from EA Sports. As things stand right now, it appears the game will be released some time in July, with some reports having it slated for July 19. However, that could all change in the next few weeks, according to Extra Points’ Matt Brown.

Well, despite the mixed signals of a release date, we continuously get more information about the game as time goes along, and the latest development that we’ve landed involves the transfer portal.

When it comes to this feature being in the game, a lot of people have asked how exactly things are going to work considering the real-life portal is wilder than the Young Thug allegations. As we all know, players are switching schools all the time, with several changing from year to year. We’ve already seen it multiple times here in the baby stages of name, image and likeness (NIL). So, how exactly is this gonna work in “College Football 25”? (RELATED: Wait, What? Northwestern Is Now Playing Their Home Football Games At Their … Practice Facility?)

EA Sports is already trying to figure it out, wanting a nice balance of entertainment and realistic nature, according to Brown per HeartlandCollegeSports.com.

It’s not 100% known what exactly that means, but it appears that EA Sports wants to preserve the element from old games where you can build a small school into a national powerhouse. It’s kind of hard to do that if you have all of your athletes transferring every single year to Power Four schools and it’s a constant roster rebuild.

We’ll have to wait for all of the details, but holy hell, let’s just be happy there’s a transfer portal … that’s absolutely glorious!

July can’t get here fast enough.