Travis Kelce Crushes Beer On Stage While He Accepts College Diploma


Robert McGreevy Contributor
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Star Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce demolished a beer in true American fashion while accepting his diploma on stage from the University of Cincinnati.

Kelce, and brother Jason, were participating in a special live event of their podcast “New Heights.” The sold-out event was held in the school’s Fifth Third Arena where the Bearcats play basketball, according to the University.

Kelce, who completed his college credits in 2022, accepted his diploma from the school faculty in front of a massive cheering crowd. The Super Bowl champ then poured a beer down his gullet, Gronk spiked the empty can, grabbed his diploma, and held it up high like he just won WWE Smackdown.

I will be the first to say I am no Travis Kelce apologist. Mr. Pfizer’s penchant for shoving his popstar girlfriend in the face of NFL fans who just want to watch football is not appreciated, to say the least. But credit where it’s due, this is awesome.

Anyone who adds some blue-collar stank to the typically stodgy hallowed halls of higher education gets a seal of approval from me, at least temporarily. (RELATED: Taylor Swift Allegedly Sets Strict Rule For Travis Kelce And For Once I Agree With The Polarizing Couple)

The event itself was a wild show packed with stars like Burrow, surprise guests like Cincinnati Bengals offensive lineman Orlando Brown Jr., and even a rousing game of spaghetti wrestling.

While, again, I’m no Travis Kelce fanatic, I love what the Kelce brothers are doing with their podcast and overall brand. They’ve clearly built a loyal and dedicated fanbase. I mean, selling out an arena for a podcast would have been unheard of 10 years ago. Now it appears, for the “New Heights” boys, the sky’s the limit.