Nelly Furtado’s Coachella Performance Ends In Bloody Fall


Mariane Angela Contributor
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Nelly Furtado’s Coachella performance Saturday ended in a bloody fall that alarmed fans both on-site and online.

During Furtado’s Coachella performance of “Eat Your Man,” she stumbled and fell face-first onstage, according to Entertainment Weekly. The impact of her fall was learly audible through her microphone.

Fans praised Furtado’s handling of the incident, and expressed support and admiration. (RELATED: Fans Slam Music Artist Who Hadn’t Performed Publicly In Six Years For Allegedly Flopping At Music Festival)

Despite the setback, Furtado continued her performance seamlessly. She quickly recovered and joked about it. “I say it right, now do what I say,” she said, Entertainment Weekly reported.

She later took to social media to share a video of the incident and humored her fans with her caption. “Literally left it all on the stage… including my blood,” she quipped in one of her Instagram stories, according to Entertainment Weekly.