Video Shows IDF Raining Bombs On Hezbollah Sites


Ilan Hulkower Contributor
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The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) announced that it had rained bombs down on Hezbollah military sites in southern Lebanon Monday.

“Fighter jets recently attacked military buildings of the terrorist organization Hezbollah in the areas of Merkaba and Majdal Joun in southern Lebanon. Earlier today, the IDF fired artillery to remove a threat in the areas of Jebel Balt and Al Hamra,” the IDF tweeted in Hebrew. The tweet also contained a video that displayed the bombing of these sites. (RELATED: ‘Smoked That Iranian General’: Sen. Fetterman Praises Israel, Urges Continued Support For Ally)

This bombing occurred in the wake of the direct Iranian strike on Israel Saturday. This attack consisted of around 300 explosive projectiles, of which 99 percent were downed by Israel’s air defense system and its allies, according to multiple reports. Iranian media claimed that their own proxies — such as Hezbollah in Lebanon — joined in their attack on Israel, The Times of Israel reported. Hezbollah reportedly already fired some 40 missiles into Israel on Friday. “Some” of the missiles  and two “explosive UAVs” were similarly intercepted by Israel’s air defense system, the IDF said.

The bombing also occurred after the IDF acknowledged that four of their soldiers were wounded by an explosion while operating in Lebanese territory, The Times of Israel reported. Hezbollah has reportedly claimed credit for that explosion.

Hezbollah has been firing projectiles into Israel since Oct. 8 out of solidarity with Hamas — whom Israel has been actively at war with since Oct 7.