Creepy Video Shows Humanoid-Shaped UFO Floating Over US Park. What Is It?


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Footage shared Sunday on social media appeared to show a bizarre humanoid UFO floating in mid-air somewhere over Sequoia Park in California.

Footage was captured by multiple people and shared by the @528vibes social media channel. It appears to show a humanoid-type glowing white figure standing in place in our skies and doing some weird poses. But unlike any other UFO video shared online, there are multiple reports of the same bizarre being appearing year after year, with no specific explanation as to what it is.

Some people apparently claim these bizarre UFO people are “interdimensional beings” but obviously there’s no proof to this claim in mainstream science, News18 noted. (RELATED: CIA’s ‘Secret UFO’ Retrieval Operations Aren’t New News — You’re Just Being Fed The Same Stories From A New Source)

Others think this is a psychological operations test for the underworld government to trick us into thinking the Second Coming of Christ is upon us, even though there’s no evidence to suggest Jesus ever floated through the air looking like a giant Stay Puft balloon.

The U.S. government and its agencies will never actually admit to us that aliens and UFOs are real — at least not until they figure out how to (a) profit off these beings and (b) use these beings to inflict further control upon us. (RELATED: UFO Appeared Underwater Off US Coast, DOD Doesn’t Care, Says Navy Veteran)

Then there’s the potentially obvious answer: These videos are fake. I don’t really care what the answer is, so whatever you think is correct as far as I’m concerned.