UFO Appeared Underwater Off US Coast, DOD Doesn’t Care, Says Navy Veteran


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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A report published in March detailed how UFOs may be just as present under our oceans as they apparently are in our skies and the Department of Defense (DOD) doesn’t seem to care.

The report comes from retired Rear Adm. Tim Gallaudet, who developed the data for the Sol Foundation, finding that there are many instances in which UFOs/UAPs seem to travel from the skies into our oceans without any sort of issue. One of the most widely reported of these events was the UFO caught on video dropping into the ocean in 2019. The Pentagon called the object a “transmedium vehicle.”

“The fact that unidentified objects with unexplainable characteristics are entering US water space and the DOD is not raising a giant red flag is a sign that the government is not sharing all it knows about all-domain anomalous phenomena,” Gallaudet wrote in the 29-page report.

The frequency of reports on “transmedia vehicles” moving from air to ocean from credible sources transcends the abilities of “anything made by humans.” (RELATED: Analysis Reveals Aliens Might Be Living In Our Oceans. And They’ve Been There For A Long, Long Time)

Not only that, but these vehicles seem to defy the laws of physics. And no one from NASA or the DOD has been able to explain it, Fox News argued. The one governmental body publicly investigating this and other evidence of alien technologies, the All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO), said they’ve found absolutely nothing to suggest UFOs are real.

“The underwhelming document, which lacked any NASA data, appeared to be a perfunctory appeasement of congressional concerns regarding UAP,” Gallaudet said of the most recent AARO report. (RELATED: UFO Videos Would ‘Harm National Security’ If Released, Navy Claims)

Since we’ve only explored about 25% of our oceans, there is almost certainly something down there that most of us would consider pretty alien … as if the oceans weren’t scary enough.