MOSS: The Democratic Party Abandoned Jewish Americans — Now, Jewish Americans Must Return The Favor

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Dr. Richard Moss Contributor
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The Democrat Party for decades has long relied on the heavy voting bloc of Jewish voters who have pushed Democrat candidates over the finish line.

That could all change this 2024 cycle — and it should.

Since the tragic attacks on Israel in October 2023, a significant number of American Jews are taking another look at who they will be voting for in future election cycles.

Today’s Democratic Party is more concerned with appeasing the radical left members of the Squad and Palestinian Authority than they are standing up for our Judeo-Christian values and strongest ally in the region.

Under President Trump, Israel was a strong and prosperous nation that celebrated its alliance with the United States.

Under President Biden, we have abandoned our closest ally, forcing them to lose trust in our alliance. Many American leaders do not feel the urgency to protect the values that built the foundation of our republic.

Despite his confirmation at the beginning of this conflict that he supports Israel’s right to defend itself, Biden has completely failed to keep his promise.

Amid mounting pressure from radical members of the squad and a loud minority of Hamas-supporting and progressive activists, Biden has demanded an immediate ceasefire in the region, undermining Netanyahu’s autonomy and war effort.

Instead of standing firm in our commitment, Biden is now threatening and demanding Israel concede to terrorists.

Despite the overwhelming majority of Americans supporting Israel’s right to defend itself — including huge numbers of Evangelical Christians — Biden only seems to care about his base while ignoring the American people.

I am proud of my Jewish heritage, and I am a proud son of Israel. I cannot sit back and watch as Biden undermines Israel and lends aid and comfort to terrorist groups who seek Israel’s destruction.

Despite growing up in the Bronx, I have lived in rural Indiana for the last 32 years. The support and love that I get from my community and neighbors — most of whom are conservative Evangelicals — far surpasses the support I have received in liberal strongholds like New York City.

The American people demand that Biden and the Democratic Party support Israel, just as Israel would support the United States. If they fail to do so, there will be a historic electoral shift as Jewish voters, formerly reliable Democrats, abandon the Democratic Party.

Now is the time for the Republican party to wholeheartedly support Israel, the Jewish community and the overwhelming majority of Americans who support Israel.

There are two very different visions on the ballot this November. Jewish voters will have to choose between Trump, who remains committed to defending Israel’s sovereignty and protecting Jewish minorities around the world, and President Joe Biden, who is apparently intent on defending the pro-Hamas base of the radical Democratic party.

The Democratic Party’s liberal-minded, Israel-supporting base is leaving. Blue dogs like West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin and Independent Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema are retiring, making the loud voices of Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar and Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib even more prominent.

It is time for Jewish voters to back candidates who support Jewish communities. Trump is the right candidate for the right time, and I am confident Jewish voters across the country will continue their exodus from the Democrat party while aligning themselves with Republican candidates.

Dr. Richard Moss is a cancer surgeon, businessman and Republican candidate for Indiana’s 8th Congressional District.

The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not reflect the official position of the Daily Caller.